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Full Version: Kona Stinky Five

I just got myself a nice oldschool Kona Stinky Five from GB. It has got an orange/copper and green frame, which I haven't seen anywhere so far.

If I google it only those red/yellow/green rasta frames come up, so I have no idea what I really bought.
Maybe it is an edition for europe only?

I'd like to get as much information regarding as possible the bike and (stock) parts.

Frame No. is H8E01***; it is the leftmost bike in the picture below. Sorry for the poor quality, don't have a good cam around.


That's the very first Stinky. Spring of 98. No pictures or catalog page since they were all sold as soon as people heard about it.

Can you shoot a clearer shot from the drive side?

From that shot it looks stock except for the pedals and seat. Pedals should be the red DX SPD platform and the seat should be SDG. Post might be wrong too but it's hard to tell.
Wow, I didn't expect that it was such a rare bike smile.gif I knew that it had to be kinda rare as it was not listed on klassickona nor elsewhere online, even thought it might a normal stinky with a custom paintjob and stinky five decals on it. Even more happy to own the bike now smile.gif

Hope I can provide better pics tomorrow or sunday at the latest.
As promised:

I think most of the parts can be identified on the pictures.

What you can't really see: unlabeled stem, Kona DH handlebars, "AheadSet", F/D Shimano LX.
Pedals, seat and brakes don't seem to be stock.

It is really nice to ride, kinda like my other Konas, 'bit different around corners but works well especially uphill, as it is pretty light.

I had different plans for it like fitting deemax rims and disc brakes from that time, but as it is so rare I will try to bring it back to original spec.

I don't know if you are riding that bike or not but do not ride on that seatpost. It appears to have been broken and then repaired. There is a good chance the welding took the heat treatment out of material so now it's extremely weak. Find a new 27.0mm post for sure.

I am pretty sure the brakes are right.
There is a good chance the welding took the heat treatment out of material so now it's extremely weak.

That is a good point, thank you. I just took it around the block (on the street), as I have to service the fork before it can hit the trails. So the post has not seen much stress so far and I will change it soon.

Will post a pic as soon as everything is back to stock :-)

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