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Full Version: Shoud I swap my Stinky Supreme for a Stab Primo?
Hi all,

I could get a good deal on an '03 or '04 Stab Primo (this one) in excellent condition. As it seems to be a very rare bike (haven't see one on the trails so far) I'm thinking of swapping it for my '05 Stiny Supreme, both size M.

Although the frames look like they're the same, they seem to have different steering angles, BB height etc. (according to kona geo specs '04 Primo and '05 supreme) but just by looking at the data, I can't exactly tell what difference that is going to make for riding.
The bike will used for bikeparks and local trails with bigger jumps, so no high speed downhill racing at all. Just riding for fun, but good it will need to handle nice on jumps and to go around sharp corners.

So can anyone please tell me, what the difference between the two bikes will be, as I won't have the possibility to test ride it mellow.gif

Thank you and appologies for my bad english.

Talk to some of the folks you ride with and the local bike shop for an opinion if this is a good choice for how and where you ride.

The best comparison I can give is that the Stinky feels like riding a bicycle and the Stab feels like coasting a trials motorcycle.
If you just riding trails and no hi-speed stuff stick to the Stinky.
Or, buy it and start your quiver.
More bikes the better. tongue.gif
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