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Full Version: Decals & Head Badge for my Grand Wagon
Hi y'all

I have a Kona Grand Wagon singlespeed, an eye-wateringly pretty bike. Or at least, it was until it was vandalized when I left it locked outside recently. When I came back to the bike there was all sorts of damage. Initially I though I'd just got a flat tyre, but it looks like the wheel was actually kicked as the hub flange had broken off! The bike had also been pushed over and the paint on the top-tube badly scratched as a result.

Feeling deflated deflated I walked the bike home. About half way I noticed yet another problem: the metal head-tube badge was missing. On closer inspection it looks like it has been levered off with a key or something, as there is plenty of damage to the paint on the head-tube.

My questions are:
* What are my chances of getting a replacement head badge? My LBS is unable to get me one.
* Are decal kits available for this bike? I didn't pay Grand Wagon money to ride around on a beat-up bike - I'd definitely go for a re-spray.

Thanks -
What country are you writing from? I'll ask my contact there what they've got salted away.
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