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Full Version: Hello Thread
Hi all im new to the forums!
Been riding for a few years.
Excited to talk to you all!
grii reapers sidekick
Just thought i'd say hi to you all on here , sorry if this is the wrong part of the forum , but i could'nt see anywhere else ! Got a caldera , cream colour , with quite a few parts added , raceface , echo , etc ! different ! but hey , it's what i want . I'll get a few piccies of it and post them up soon .
As the title read, put your I'm new posts in here.


Nu to this also proud owner of coilair. Its soooo cold here in Ne Scotland
Welcome aboard, warmest winter in 120 years where I am!
QUOTE (tech @ Feb 18 2010, 10:56 PM) *
Welcome aboard, warmest winter in 120 years where I am!

Minus 11 this morning brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ohmy.gif

Went up the woods this morning to try a wee hip jump on th ecoilair and really liked it. Oh hurry up spring dry.gif
hi to all stock 06 stinky for me...

Just thought I would say hello. I have an untouched all original 88 Explosif. Don't ride it much (for fear of wrecking a bit of history), hope you can understand that.
Also have an 88 Cinder Cone, nearly original apart from Stem/bars/tyres that i ride day to day

I still have the original Reactions (still with little knobbly bits on) and the Seatpost (a few zigzags) in my loft.



Greetings from Las Vegas, NV. Long time fan, first time poster. Good to see other Dawg fans out there. Ride on, ride well.

Biggame James
Hello, new to the forum!

James biggrin.gif
fungus the muffin man
Hallo guys and girlies

Just got my first ever Kona and full susser. The Kona Cadabra.

Just waiting for a chance to get out now and get the magic link working and the whole bike dirty as hell!
Hello everyone!!!!

I just got myself a 2006 Kona Coiler and and loving it so far.

L. Cota
Hi all! It's a pleasure post this msg from Brasil. Im from Belo Horizonte in Minas Gerais State and this is considered, here in Brazil, the paradise of mountains. Look the picture attached and see the happyness of my bike laugh.gif

Hi guys.

Been a fan of Kona for years but only just bought my first one. A steel ht Blink. I haven't posted a pic as it hasn't arrived yet! Delivery due today!!! Yes, I am excited. biggrin.gif
What up? New to forums. However, I'm finding them very useful.
Hello there.
my names rybes and ive just found this forum. ive got a 2004 cinder cone that i bought from new and its been to just as many countires as i have. currently its in Denmark via Canada and the UK. recently upgraded the forks to a set of reba sl's and still lovin every pedal turn of riding it.
see you all in the forums biggrin.gif
Hello, I am new to the site but have been riding an old school Kona A'ha for years. I picked it up when I was working for Marzocchi Suspension back in the day. I remember working with the Kona guys up in canada doing tech seminars for there local dealers. I am working on putting the ol' girl back together and have been looking for a classic rigid fork for her.
Just wanted to introduce myself, I'm Jordan from Baltimore md. here are my rides, 2001 kona stinky... the never ending project. and my girls Kona blast ford edition... also have a 05 kona fire mountian I'm currently building into a rigid city bike, no pics yet. Also included a pic of kona tattoo...
daves mate
Hey y'all, another noob here. New to this forum and to Kona but been riding for years.
Click to view attachment[font="Comic Sans MS"][/font] hi every body i am new here and ride a kona stinky primo 2004 its an awesome bike i feel like im floating riding it over roots and rocks love my kona stinky primo !!!! <3
Hi Everyone,
I'm new here, so just wanted to say a quick hello.
I'm from a bike shop in the UK called Global Bike.
I'm looking forward to meeting some people on here and joining the conversations.
wahyu taman bunga
Rides Caldera for fun and sport
Hello! I couldn't access my old account so I had to create a new one. Glad to be back though! From Canada.
wahyu taman bunga
Hi guys

Nice to meet you all

Pyrate Nomad
Hey, folks. Just exploring the forums here as a new Kona rider. It seems that I am the first to post in 5 years or so. Might as well clear out the cobwebs and get this thread moving again. smile.gif
Newbie here with a blue kona coiler from the midwest
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